The following casino rules related to the casino/betting (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) determine the procedure for accepting, making payments and resolving disputes.. These rules should be used to regulate the relationship between the casino/betting and the client. These Rules apply to all and any cases of placing bets on the website and in any other casinos and bets. A game is, in essence, an agreement concluded between a client and a company in accordance with these Rules and with the aim of obtaining potential winnings as a result of a certain result. Thus, the implementation of this agreement is determined by the outcome of the bets on which the game is placed. Cancellation of a game is a type of result that does not include the settlement of a bets and the payment of a win. Based on this arrangement, the bet amount is refunded based on an agreement between the client and the casino/betting, which is considered non-concluded.

  2. Only persons of legal age (persons over 18 years of age or any other age of majority in their state or country of residence, if they are over 18 years of age) can make payment, and thereby agree to the Rules. Violation of this provision and any other applicable rules entails customer liability.
  3. There are certain individuals who are prohibited from making any casino/betting activities, including:
  • under the age of 18;
  • those who are directly involved in the events (including, but not limited to, athletes, coaches, referees, provides, club owners or the club management or any other persons who may influence the outcome of this event);
  • those who act on behalf of or affiliated with someone directly related to the event on which a bet has been made;
  • those who are forbidden to conclude an agreement with a casino/betting in accordance with applicable law.
  1. The customer is responsible for violation of any of the following points. If a client is discovered in violation of these Rules, the casino/betting reserves the right to refuse to refund or pay out the winnings, as well as to cancel the bet. In the event that the casino/ betting finds out that the client is subject to any of the above Categories of the casino/betting are not responsible and have the right to take the above measures to the client at their discretion.
  2. The casino/betting may reject its bets for customers who do not comply with these Rules. The casino/betting reserves the right to refuse bets to any clients recognized as violators of public order and social norms of behavior.
  3. The casino/betting reserves the right to reject any bets from any client, without being required to indicate the reason.
  4. Any bets made are calculated solely on the basis of data provided by the processing center.
  5. The client must receive payment within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of publication of the official results of the last event on the receipt.
  6. Winning coupons must be paid out within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the event, as indicated in the corresponding coupon.
  7. The client is obliged to check whether the correct number of winnings has been paid. In case of disagreement with the amount paid, the client is obliged to send a proper notification of this fact to the casino/betting, providing detailed information such as his account number, date, time, event, bet, choice, chances, as well as indicating the reason for this disagreement . Such claims may be filed within 10 (ten) days. Bid applications for Cyber-Live games are accepted only within 72 hours from the end of the game. Any such complaints must be substantiated by the provision of relevant documents. If a complaint is filed without sufficient justification, it must be left without consideration.
  8. The bet made is considered to be won and paid in full if all the results included in the bet were correctly predicted.
  9. Although the conditions of bets (including, but not limited to, odds, handicaps, totals, maximum bet limits, etc.) may be changed after a bet has already been made, they should not affect the conditions applicable at the time of placing the best, the Client must check any changes in the pre-match markets to ensure they are acceptable.
  10. Any bets on events, the outcome of which was a known fact at the time of placement, are allowed with fixed odds 1.
  11. The parties to this agreement have agreed that in the event of any disagreement between the client and the casino/betting on any matter relating to the casino/betting agreement that is observed and executed, including, but not limited to payments, outcomes, odds and other essential terms, the agreement, as well as the announcement such an agreement is invalid or not concluded, such disputes must be settled in accordance with the pre-trial procedure, which includes filing a complaint to the other party.
  12. In accordance with the pre-trial procedure, the party alleging a violation of its rights shall send a written complaint to the opposite party. A complaint filed with the casino/betting must be delivered to the registered office of the casino/betting, indicated in the constituent documents of the casino/betting and confirmed by a corresponding application from the public register of companies. The complaint is submitted to the client, delivered at the place of residence.
  13. In the event of a technical failure or interruption of the streaming transmission, as well as other circumstances of a similar nature, bets on Esports Live are entitled to a refund only if the event does not occur or the casino/betting does not pay the bets on the event,,
  14. The casino/betting reserves the right to invalidate any bets with an error made by the employee (for example, typos, discrepancy between the odds offered by the bet markets and bets, etc.) or accepted in violation of these Rules, a refund for such bets is paid from fixed odds 1.
  15. In case of suspicion of any sporting events in an unsportsmanlike format, the casino/betting reserves the right to block any bets on such events before the relevant international organization issues an official statement. If any bets have already been made on such events, the company reserves the right to declare any such bets void if unsportsmanlike behavior has been confirmed. Such rates are calculated with fixed ratios 1. The company is not required to provide any evidence to the client.
  16. In the event that the odds displayed are clearly erroneous, bets are settled on the basis of the final result with the appropriate odds applicable to the market in question.
  17. If a properly filed complaint is not considered within the time periods specified in these Rules, the party claiming a violation of their rights has the right to file a claim. Such a place should be located in the country of registration of the casino/betting office.
  18. In the event of a change in these Rules, customers must be duly notified. Bets accepted after a certain date are subject to an amended version of the Rules, while any bets made earlier will remain unchanged.
  19. The customer is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account number and password. All bets registered in the casino/betting are considered valid, and cancellation of bets is governed by these Rules. The client must inform the casino/betting that his login details will be transferred to third parties. The client must also change his username, password for the casino/betting account, and email password for stronger combinations. The customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any cash withdrawal codes or codes received by phone number, etc., to ensure that third parties do not have access to them.
  20. The company is not liable to the client for any loss or loss, indirect, incidental or incidental, including lost profits. The Client acknowledges that he has been duly notified that such loss or damage may occur.
  21. No bets can be canceled in the event of a connection failure after receiving confirmation.
  22. The bet made confirms the client’s consent to accept these Rules and be guided by them for bets and other relevant purposes.
  23. The calculation of bets is determined on the basis of the results and results announced by the casino/betting. Any complaints regarding the date, start time, date, etc., are dealt with on the basis of information from official documents issued by the respective sports federations.
  24. In the event of fraudulent activities (which include, but are not limited to, registering multiple accounts, using software designed for automatic bets, arbitrage bets, improper use of your account and abuse of loyalty schemes), the casino/betting reserves the right to terminate such fraudulent activity by:o cancellation of bets or multiple bets; about closing the client’s account, at which the money is paid back. about filing a claim with the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  25. The client understands and accepts that the name of the tournament is given for convenience only. Therefore, teams should only be for bets, or for bets on teams, or for bets on any bets disputed on the above grounds.
  26. Each client can register only one account, email address, email address, credit card, electronic wallet or any other method of electronic payments. Private individuals registered on the site. The request to provide personal data of the client (including other, passport data, place of residence) or video conference to confirm identity. The user receives notifications within 5 business days.
  27. The company reserves the right to record for 3 months. To unlock your account, please contact us.
  28. Re-registration is not allowed. In case the client is rewriting, you can use any bets made using this account. The company also reserves the right to cancel any bets made by a client who refuses to pass the audit in accordance with the request, as well as block such a re-registered account during the investigation period. An exception may be made at the request of the client.
  29. The casino/betting reserves the right to immediately close the game account and cancel any bets made if one of the following actions is established: About the rate on the deal; • The customer had the opportunity to influence the initial activities through direct participation or actions on behalf of the participants; • until the end of exceeding the limits established by the casino/betting; • the client had more than one registration; • The client uses special software or hardware designed for automated bets; • The client received information or circumvented restrictions imposed by the use of unfair means; After investigation of the above circumstances, the client's account must be returned, while the amount paid excludes any profit received unfairly. The casino/betting reserves the right not to refund the customer service fees arising from the use of the payment system when making a deposit or withdrawing money from your account.
  30. The bookmark reserves the right to verify the identity of the client using various available means, including by holding a Skype video conference in order to exclude multiple registrations and violation of casino/betting rules.
  31. Underage gambling. Our company does not accept players under the age of 18. We take a number of precautions so that none of the minors can place payment in our company. We confirm that our advertisements and campaigns do not contain any information targeted at minors.
  32. Prevention of gambling addiction. We confirm that our advertising campaigns or promotions are never misleading intentionally regarding the nature of the services offered to potential players. Our clients also receive information about their chances of winning and the risks associated with gambling. Although services are provided based on the amount paid by the customer, we do not encourage excessive costs.
  33. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. If the answer is “yes” to everyone, there is a high probability that you have a problem with gambling: • Do you find it difficult to control your expenses? • Do you need to borrow or steal money to allow yourself to play? • Do you expect less time with your family due to gambling? • Are you upset or in other way you react badly to other people, share an opinion about your online gambling? • Have you lost interest in things that used to be your happy business (for example, hobbies, etc.)? • Do your failures in gambling lead to depression or suicide? • Have you ever lied to hide how much money or time you spent on gambling?
  34. Recognize that you have a gambling addiction and try to fight it is never too late. We will encourage bids if the customer has problems. Please read the following helpful tips to help reduce your risk of gambling addiction: • You should never consider gambling. • It is important to set money for time and money. Confirm that you have never violated these restrictions. • Avoid gambling if you are depressed or under the influence of alcohol or substances. • Make sure you can afford to lose without getting into debt. • Avoid practice, trying to return what you have lost).
  35. Customers confirm that they understand the significance of the odds, as well as the potential consequences and risks of losing. Your complete story is available at your request. In "My account". Our customers have the opportunity to independently exclude gambling on our website. To do this, we need to exclude it.
  36. Offer the opportunity to access our website and close your account for a certain period. You can do this for a week, a month, 6 months or a year. Please note that an account can only be locked out after a full check. Your self-restriction application must have an attached passport scan or some other form of identifier. Please take into account. We do our best to create a new account. Your account will be automatically unlocked after a period of self-restriction. You can contact us at.
  37. Online gambling may be illegal in your jurisdiction. You should not use your payment card for any transactions in this case.
  38. As a cardholder, you know the laws and existing online gambling in your jurisdiction.
  39. The participation of minors in this site is prohibited.
  40. The account holder may file a complaint. Parties should make every effort to resolve any issues peacefully within a reasonable time. The account holder may also file a complaint with the Curacao Electronic Games Manager. The client should familiarize themselves with local laws and regulations regarding gambling in order to make sure that they have not violated them using the highest services. Some countries allow gambling, which may be prohibited. We recommend that you check your local law before registering on our website. The client accepts responsibility for any changes in local law. If the company discovers that the client is a resident of a country where gambling is illegal, it reserves the right to suspend action at the request of the client. Money that was deposited into the account. The company is not responsible for any false information. If the Security Service of the casino/betting has any doubts about the identity of the client or the accuracy of the personal data provided by him (such as address, credit or debit card number, etc.), she reserves the right to request additional verification. documents at their discretion, as well as cancel any payments received or payable, before checking this data. The verification process may take up to 72 hours from the date of submission of documents. If the data provided turned out to be false, the casino/betting reserves the right to cancel any previously made and suspend transactions by proceeding with a full verification of the account, which may include a request for documents previously sent in digital form, to the mailing address of the company.
  41. The client confirms that any actions in the account are carried out by themselves. If the account is managed by a third party, the account holder is responsible for access to the account.
  42. The casino/betting reserves the right to amend these Rules, making changes and additions at any time. Any such changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the website.
  43. Gambling addiction is described as an incentive to continue gambling, despite the possible harmful consequences. Gambling problems can affect family relationships, academic progress, and professional life, and can lead to bankruptcy, often associated with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Gambling should not be seen as a source of income, not entertainment. In the light of the foregoing, we do our best to ensure the safety of our customers and ensure responsible gambling behavior that does not lead to any negative consequences. We practice responsible advertising and never target people who are minors or vulnerable.